Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Toddler chores.

toddler chores

So I never really thought about how we would introduce the idea of chores with A. It kind of just happened. And granted, toddlers “helping” constitutes them attempting to help. We don’t expect anything to be perfect. In fact, A sometimes ends up making MORE of a mess of things when he tries to help. But you know what? It doesn’t really both me. So I have to refold that pile of laundry for the 5th time. I like the fact knowing that my little guy WANTS to help. It is the introduction of the behavior that we want to instill.

So here are some ways that we involve A around the house.

Picking up messes.
We use the Daniel Tiger song, “Clean up pick up put away. Clean up, everyday” to help remind A that picking up is fun. He loves to sing that song when he picks up his toys. He has now started saying, “messy mess” when he sees something messy which I find adorable. Does he put everything away perfect? Nah. Sometimes the toys don’t even come close to the bin. But I’m glad that he recognizes that we have to put things away when we are done.

A knows where his shoes and jacket belong. I ask him to bring me his shoes when we go somewhere and put them back when we are done. He also loves to retrieve and put away our shoes too. Which thrills B to no end b/c I have a tendency to leave shoes laying around….

A has a lower cabinet where I keep his plates and bowls. When I empty the dishwasher, I hand him his stuff and he goes and puts it away. I also have him pull up a chair to the counter and have him help with putting away the silverware. It is a fun sorting game for him. Are the results perfect? Not a chance. But its a fun for him. If B is around, I’ll let him carry some dishware or cups from the dishwasher and hand them to B to put away. Sometimes I’ll let him help me wash the actual dishes.

Feeding the cats.
A loves to feed his “kee kees”. He even notices now when their bowl is running low. I hand him a cup of food and he goes over and pours it in their bowl. And then he runs to tell the cats “Kee Kees, snack time”!

We have a little fake vacuum that matches ours that A loves to play with. When I vacuum, I encourage him to follow me. It cracks me up! Sometimes I’ll let him push the big vacuum. When I dust, I just wet a rag for him and let him go to town. He loves to wipe things down!

This is a little harder to do. I don’t mind having him beside me at the counter cooking while I make dinner. The mess he makes is counterproductive to “chores” I know but for me, the mess is worth not having him underfoot while I’m trying to cook. We do things together like measure, or crack eggs. Sometimes I’ll fill up a bowl with water and dish soap and give him a spoon so he can “mix” things, his favorite. A is very aware that the stove and the pots on the stove are hot. But it is never a bad idea to be extra careful when cooking with toddlers!

I know it looks like a lot. But really it is just little things here and there that count.

Did miss anything good? Do you do anything with your littles?

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  1. Super cute. My little nephew loves vacuuming, and sweeping too! Give the kid a Swiffer and he does a pretty good job. One of my nieces can retreive her diapers and PJ's, so when it's bedtime, her mom tells her to "get ready for beddy" and she gets all her stuff (wipes, too!) and brings them to her parents. It was super handy when her mama was on bed rest with baby number 2!


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