Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Weekend Edition 12.1.13.

Not much on the schedule seeing as we just got back into town last night.

My goal for Sunday: laundry and decorating for Christmas. I did good on the laundry part. The decorating? Let’s just say my dining room table still looks like this.


When we were putting up the tree I tried to recreate this pin.


You can see A was super into it.


Baby with the sniffles + mama with some lingering morning sickness = a lazy morning on the couch under the covers.


The desert is great and all but I’m glad to be back in Texas!


Tried this GF version of Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Pretty good.


Putting up lights and ornaments on the tree with a toddler running around? Not the best idea.


But we did get A’s yearly ornament up: Mickey in commemoration of his recent obsession with Mickey.


Usually I heat up two of these in the microwave for an after dinner snack. It makes a super yummy warm “cookie”. A mouse must have eaten one (cough cough B) and I was left with three tonight. I was super upset.


Happy week friends!



  1. We went light on the decorating this year. Erin did wish he had done the tree and lights when Mackenzie was sleeping. She 'helped' by putting the branches back into the box. :)

  2. :) Love the Pinterest side-by-side comparison. So cute!

  3. Love the Pinterest car/tree for A! So cute!!


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