Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013.

Thanksgiving was a little bittersweet for the Kat family. On the one hand, we got to celebrate with family in Arizona. On the other, Brent’s sweet, sweet Nahna passed away on Thanksgiving day. I think the reason he took her on that day was he knows that it is the one holiday we are always together for and that we can come together and always remember her.

Anyways, I didn’t get out the camera much. Here’s our turkey day picture dump.

A loves looking at the “zoom zooms.”


The Ipad + Mickey + headphones = a lifesaver on the flight. Oh and we ended up with an extra seat for him!


22 week bump picture!


Favorite part of the grandparents house is always the golf cart!


Little boy was all off schedule and many days we only got a car nap out of him :(


Homeboy just loves brushing those teeth.


A loved cousin time!

 IMG_3708 IMG_3712 IMG_3734

Evil plotting to get at the golf cart most mornings.


His hair was outs of control most days.


Hope everyone had a great holiday!


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  1. What a great Thanksgiving, minus poor Nahna.


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