Thursday, December 5, 2013

Should I be offended?

People love A. His excitement is just infectious. My friends love him. His friends love him.


Here are some ways people have been describing him to me lately:



crazy pants (ok this was is me but I can say that bc I’m his mom)

he never sits down does he

so much energy

you must be so tired all the time

a handful


I could go on. I bet you see a pattern emerging. Yes, I have a very high energy little boy. I never really took offense to these comments bc I knew myself that A is an on the go kind of kid. He has always been that way, even in the womb. I’m used to it.


Recently, a friend made a comment and I shook it off at first bc I didn’t think she meant it that way, but the more I thought about it, the more it got under my skin.

Her comment: “I spent Thanksgiving with my sister-in-law and brother and their son. He was so naughty, hit and was mischievous I was wondering if you had found any good behavior modification books for A that I could suggest to her?”


Should I be offended? Was she inferring that MY baby is all these things?

Is this how people see my baby? I know that he can be rambunctious and a handful sometimes, but he’s never mean spirited. And at 2, I don’t think he has the comprehension to be consciously mischievous or naughty. Yes, we have had some issues with him hitting me or B, but its more of an attention thing as opposed to a mean thing.

into it

ADD and ADHD run in my family so it is something that I’m sensitive to and I worry that A will have it, as boys are more likely to be diagnosed with these disorders. Maybe its just me being paranoid? Yes he is active, but at the same time, he is a sweet boy who can play with his trucks for hours and loves to play outside.

Would you be offended?



  1. My son's little friend sounds a lot like your A. My younger brother was too, actually. I think you'll find that some people will love A, love him for who he is, love him FOR his little personality...and some people won't get it, or will disapprove of him, or think you're not handling him well enough, or will like him but just don't know how to be around him. I love the Josephs and the Nates and the A's of the world...they can make their parents a little crazy sometimes, but when they have good parents like you and your husband, they have a way of turning into some of the BEST grown ups I know :)

  2. Mackenzie sounds a lot like A. My parents laugh because there are times I have to say 'focus' to get her to pay attention and, duh, focus. I also have called her 'ADD' a few times too. Is she? Who knows. Does it run in the family? Yes, my brother has it. And I worry she will too. But she's good, she listens as well as any 2 year old will. And guess what, she's 2, like A!
    To me, these kids are 2 and are being 2 year olds. They need to be allowed to be 'crazy' and you let A do that and keep him busy with all your outings. As long as he's being good and kind, then your doing nothing wrong and I'd probably say that to the other parent. It's hard when people, parents or not, expect kids of any age to behave a certain way. All kids aren't equal and they have to be able to be kids. It's also how they learn. But it does cause un-needed stress on parents.

  3. I think I would have asked her why she thought you would have suggestions. My daughter...big ball of energy. Kid is crazy! She is all over the place. She destroys my house on a daily basis and yes, she hits sometimes. It's called being a two year old! I would have been offended but I would have put her in her place.


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