Monday, November 18, 2013

Preschool: Are you on the list?

I have a friend whose son is 5 months. She was advised/scolded by another mom that she should have had her son on a waiting list for a good preschool before he was born. (Added note: the preschool applications that she is filling out require her baby to have a …. get this …. email address. Not hers, but one for the baby. So her proverbial baby has its own email. And it’s not even born yet. Weird right??) She freaked out and got on the applications right away.

I sat back and thought: she’s overreacting. Even A is a little young for preschool. There’s time. She lives in downtown Austin and is probably sending her kid to some fancy prep school. We live outside town and plan on sending A to our church preschool when the time comes. I’m really active in church. They all know me. We are a shoe in. Again, no rush.

Apparently, maybe there is a rush.

See, I toyed with the idea of putting A in preschool 2 days a week when the baby comes. He’s such an active baby that I thought he wouldn’t be satisfied with sitting at home all day with nothing to do but watch me nurse. I mean, his first words to me in the morning when he gets up are: “Mama car? Go now?” Plus, I would get some one on one bonding time with the baby.

I go to a bible study on Tuesday mornings at church and A hangs out with the 2 year old class already and he loves it! It would hardly be a transition at all. But our preschool goes on the school schedule of September to December semester and January to May semester. I would have to put him in school in January in order for him to be able to go by the time the baby came.

I inquired about putting in A in school 2 days a week from 9-2 with the preschool director and she told me that I had to fill out an application and they would put me on the list. Me? What?? But, but… didn’t they know who I was??

After I got over my initial shock, I got an application and filled it out. It wasn’t much. Like I said, our church preschool is fantastic. I love it. I just didn’t think that I would be on the waiting list. I mean, these ladies have been waiting to get their hands on A for forever. They don’t even accept kids till they are two and they are willing to bend the rules b/c the love A so much. But apparently other people, a lot in fact, also think it’s really great.

Thus the waiting list.

The kicker after all this? B and I have decided 99.9% that we are not going to send A to preschool next semester. I just kept going back to this feeling I had: we only have so many months left, just him and I. Do I really want to waste January to April with him gone? I know it’s only 2 days a week. But I think that I would really, really miss him. Another caveat is that I would love to take those months to introduce potty training to A. IT would be really really nice if he was potty trained by the time BK2.0 came.

Are we going to put him in preschool in the Fall? You betcha.

But right now? I’m just going to enjoy the time we have left it just the two of us.

What’s your preschool situation like?



  1. Oh my, we haven't gotten that far at all! Around here the places we would want to send M advertise for preschool enrollment every fall.....makes me think there wouldn't be a waiting list. I'm still debating on sending her at 3 or 4.....she can do either because her birthday I just before the cut off. I wanted to send her this year, but with being behind in her language/vocabulary/communicating I felt we needed to wait.
    I think it'll be nice having those last few month alone with him and to do potty training. I know I've tried to make the most of these few months with M. She is the same as A too, wants to get in the car the moment she wakes up! We had to go to target early today because I mentioned it and she cried when I said we neede to wait. :)

  2. Here in Germany it's similar at some places. Luckily, our kindergarten and daycare only accepts new applications for the new school year, not several years in advance, and it's sponsored by the town, so basically every child who lives in that town is guaranteed a place. But others are not that lucky!

    On the potty training: It's really not that bad having two kids in diapers. If A is not interested yet, don't worry. Also on the daycare, I sometimes think it's much harder on us moms letting the little ones go than for the kids heading off to pre-school. Most of the times, they just love it ;-)

  3. Ugh, PRESCHOOL. I should apologize now for the rant that is going to happen because I seriously spend too much of my time agonizing and arguing over To Preschool or Not To Preschool.

    Ethan isn't going to preschool until the year before Kindergarten, so VPK. The public elementary school where he will be attending Kindergarten across the street from our house (and the school we moved into this neighborhood for him to be able to attend) offers VPK, both part time (which I'll probably do) or full-time. Ethan will be 4 when he's in VPK and 5 when he starts Kindergarten because of his birthday, so I've been fine with this plan in my head since before he was born. Part-time VPK the year before Kindergarten. Fine.

    But people take their preschool SERIOUSLY. (There's no wait list at the elementary school -- it's open only to people zoned for the school like grades K-5, so no biggie.) They are on my case about it all of the time. "Aren't you worried he'll be delayed?" Or, wait, MY FAVORITE: "These days colleges look at preschools, and you'll be setting him up for failure!" (This last one was said by someone making her case why my son should attend a $18k/year private preschool which, hi, couldn't afford even if I wanted to, which I don't.)

    So aggravating. It's like The Great Preschool Wars. With the lists and the e-mail addresses (lol, that's bizarre!) and the chaos and craziness, goodness gracious. I always tell my poor husband if I hear the word "preschool" in a social context ("So, is he on a good preschool wait list yet?" "What preschool does he go to?" "Aren't you worried what the colleges will say?") one more time, my brain might seriously implode, lol.

  4. Our plan is to homeschool so we won't be needing preschool or any school. I'm kind of glad that I won't need to get caught up in the mess of it all.

  5. That's insane that people are enrolling their children in preschool before they are born! Aubrey just started preschool last week and she's loving it!

  6. so funny, I was just talking to hubby about this. Apparently the preschool I want to put Colton is has a huge waiting list, like 33 people long! I am totally behind, I want to put him in for this coming fall too...

  7. We're thinking of putting T in a actual preschool in the spring when she turns 2. She goes to a in home babysitter right now and seems to love it.


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