Thursday, November 21, 2013

How much is too much?

We have a problem: it’s called always being on the go.

Our schedule usually goes like this: A wakes up, we play, we watch Mickey, we get ready for whatever adventure we have for the day (T/W planned activities every week, M/TH/F whatever I come up with play date, errands, etc.), lunch, nap, walk, park, dinner, play outside, play inside, bed time routine.


We leave the house practically everyday. I can’t remember the last time we stayed indoors the whole day unless friends are coming to us on a play date. On rare days that we don’t have anything scheduled and we do “stay home” we are still at the park or on a walk.


Are we allergic to being home? Do we do too much?

These are questions I’ve been grappling with lately. Especially with a new baby due just in time for the Texas heat next year. We worked around being outside in the heat this summer by going out in the mornings. I’m not sure how to navigate that with a 2 year old and a newborn.


Why am I so nervous to just be at home? It seems like A isn’t satisfied to stay home either. There are some days that the first thing he says to me is, “Mama car? Go?”. There are some days that he throws a fit that we don’t go anywhere in the car. He is OBSESSED with the car. Even when we do go someplace, he demands to get back in the car.


Am I creating a discontent little monster who constantly has to be on the go and entertained?

I don’t want it to be a shock to him when the baby comes and we are at home all day. At the same time, I’m afraid of the idea of being stuck at home all day. I love going out and visiting friends, checking out different parks, and exploring.

I guess sometime in the next couple months we are going to have to find a happy medium.

What is your schedule like? Do you do too much too? Mom’s of 2+ how do you navigate the outside world with a rambunctious toddler and newborn?



  1. Just wait and see, Steph! I think it's great that you are out and about all the time. I'd suggest you invest in a good carrier or wrap for the baby, and you'll be out and about as a three-some!

  2. We are the exact opposite. I can go a week without ever starting my car and we live out in the middle of nowhere. if it is cold or rainy i only go outside to get wood. I am such a home body? Haha and everone wonders why i don't blog often...we really dont do much.

  3. I'm such a home body and always have been. I was when I was younger too. Going out in college was usually a struggle. I was just fine staying home with a book or a movie. :o)
    Mackenzie has basically learned that when mommy is home, we stay in. However, if daddy's home, the odds of 'going in the car' are greater. Plus being pregnant, it's been much easier to stay home....i'm impressed you get out so much and wish we got out a lot more during the week.
    I did get a carrier already for Ethan and hoping we like it so that we can get out more next spring/summer.


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