Friday, August 29, 2014

Five things for Friday.

1.) I’m hoping this weekend will be epic. In the sleeping department that is. Nahna is coming to town so I hope that parlays into a little break for mama.

2.) In addition to my inlaws, we have 2 other groups of family/friends passing through town this weekend. So excited to love on everyone who we haven’t seen in awhile and introduce them to M!
PicMonkey Collage

3.) Remember back when when we sleep trained A? (here and here) Yeah, well we decided to start M. On a random Wednesday night. As I reiterate in my posts from when we did it w/ A, no parents goes into sleep training excited. Hearing your baby cry is gut wrenching. But it worked with A. So we are hoping for progress with M. We are already 95% swaddle free so I’m ok with that!

4.) I got my first Stitch Fix this week! It was epic! There was only one piece that didn’t jive. The only bummer was that 2 of the tops were too big. Whomp whomp. Already counting down to my next fix!

5.) I heard a rumor that pumpkin spice is already back??? I must investigate!
Happy Friday folks!
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Monday, August 25, 2014

20 random things about me.

1.) I owe the love of my life to… the alphabetical order. B and I were seat partners in high school architecture class. He’s a “K” and I was a “J”.

2.) I can only snap with my right hand not my left. I broke my left arm twice when I was younger and I have limited mobility in that arm. Thus not being able to snap!

3.) I’m almost deaf in one ear.

4.) One of my biggest pet peeves is know it all people. And know it all people who love to let you know they know it all.

5.) I’ve lived in my house for 7 years and I still get the light switches confused.

6.) I’ve been published under three different names: maiden name, maiden name-married name, married name.

7.) I had to document an underground chamber that used to house plutonium during the Cold War for work. Standing in the same room that once held plutonium? Such a huge trip!

8.) I’m really good at the cha-cha slide. Like really good.

Cha Cha 6

9.) One of my kids is named after Frank Lloyd Wright b/c he was such an influence on me becoming an architectural historian.


10.) B and I once got lost in his parents retirement community in their golf cart and got chased by their crack team security.


11.) I’ve been down on the track during an NHRA race. The force of being steps away from a funny car will literally knock you over if you aren’t careful! You can literally feel it!


12.) My favorite pop is Coke. But I don’t like Coke from a plastic bottle. Glass is ok. Coke from the can is pretty good too but I prefer a fountain Coke the best.

13.) I was hit by a car when I was crossing the street in college by a drunk driver. I still have a small scar over my eye from the stitches.

14.) When I was pregnant with M I would eat mayo straight from the jar.

15.) I’ve never had a cavity.

16.) I did not have a smart phone until a little over a year ago. I held out from that and texting for so long!

17.) When I worked for the State of Illinois in college I got to visit a Mormon temple. This privilege is usually not extended to non-Mormons but we were able to visit before it was consecrated. It was a very neat experience. 

18.) I’ve been lactose intolerant for years. Long hard years. But when I was pregnant with A, I discovered that I could tolerate dairy and took advantage. Same thing with M. But the second those babies come out, I’m back to be intolerant.

19.) I’ve been to Vegas twice and I never once gambled.

20.) I’ve eaten lunch in the cafeteria of a federal immigration detention facility. With the inmates. Another work trip gem.

What’s the most random thing about you?

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Weekend Edition 8.24.14.

Mount Playmore is the place to be lately.



“That’s a lot of look son.”


I’m wearing a shirt! A normal shirt! Not an athletic shirt!


“Mama look! There’s you!” Um, ok. I guess I’ll take it?


Sweet baby cuddles.


Train ride.


For some reason A looks like 10 in this picture!


The little brothers!


“Boys only mom.”


Dear youth: been there. Done that.


Baby boy slept upstairs in his own room last night. Pardon me while I go ugly cry in the corner.


I tidied up the bedroom for a little photoshoot for M’s 4 month pictures.


And by tidied up I mean shoved all the crap to the other side of our room.


A boy. His dad. And Toy Story.


Happy week folks!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

One Minute Mom.

There is nothing worse that having your words repeated back at you by your toddler. It’s like a mirror. And sometimes it is not pretty.

PicMonkey Collage

Here are some gems:

“Shoo shoo go away.” This is from me being annoyed with our cat pawing at the blinds ALL DAY LONG to get outside. Why not just let her out? Because it’s a billion degrees and as soon as I do, she wants to come in 2 minutes later. A has taken to saying this phrase at play dates when another kid wants to take his toy. Awesome.

“Mama you’re being naughty. You need a time out.” A is 2.5 years old. We are in the thick of the terrible 2’s. I’m in a constant battle some days just to assert that I”M the parent. I’M in control and not the tiny terrorist. A tells me this when I won’t let him do something.

“Just wait one minute mom.” Again, I feel like I say this one a lot. I’m always trying to do something. Finish something. And I have to ask A to wait a lot. Most times I’m asking him to waiting just a minute in a very exasperated tone. He loves to throw this one back at me when I’m asking him to do something he doesn’t want to.

Any favorite phrases your kids like to say?

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You’ll never have another wedding.

So when you get married, I think every new bride goes through the emotions of “I’m never going to be a bride again.”

Sure, you are married. It’s what you always wanted. The the big dress? The attention? The presents? It was everything you ever wanted. And (God willing) once you say those vows, cut that cake, and wave goodbye to your adoring fans, it’s over.

DSC_4311 (2)

I know that I was so excited to get married. I’m still excited to be married. I don’t want to get married ever again. I’ve found my perfect partner. But damn if I don’t want the shiny newness of a wedding. If I had my dress in Texas (it’s at my mom’s house), you better believe I would be trying it on all the time. I’m not ashamed to say its fun having the day all about you and your love.


Flash forward 8 years: I think I’m experiencing the same thing right now but just exchange “bride” with “baby”.

I’ve been pretty vocal that I’m perfectly happy with our two boys. B and I are done having kiddos. I feel like our family is complete.


But I get sad thinking I’m never going to be pregnant again, despite my hard pregnancy. I’m never going to give birth again even though it wasn’t a great experience. Just like wedding planning wasn’t a walk in the park, neither is birth. But, I had a little bitty (ok, relatively bitty) baby at the end of it. It is an amazing feeling being able to have a baby. Those first few days are like magic.


Just like my bride days are behind me, I can’t help but be sad that I will never have that shiny newness of being a new mom.


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Monday, August 11, 2014

The Weekend Edition 8.11.14

Just a little sneak peak into our weekend!

This came in the mail! Eeep! Can’t wait to start it tonight! Shout out to Vanessa who got me started!


Picked up a couple new tops. Because if I have cute workout stuff I’ll workout more right?


Country drive = baby nap. All too familiar these days.


Ok, ok. I know. Habanero in lemonade. Please bear with me b/c this is so good! I can only take a few sips at a time but I love it!


Hello beautiful. Finally took the plunge!


When we can’t figure anything else out, we always end up with burgers for dinner. Next time we aren’t messing with a kids burger for A. He means business. After eating his kid burger and half of mine, the kid gets his own next time.


Costco + big monthly shop = the pantry being stocked!


It’s hatch chilie time y’all!! We already had amazing crockpot hatch chilie chicken with hatch chilie grits. Can’t wait to cook up (see what I’m doing here?) some more ideas!


My breastfeeding awareness week pic!


Don’t you just love it when they get along?




Our beloved (and very well used) swaddle bit the dust this weekend. It was stretched. The bottom was cut b/c M was too long for it. So I upgraded to a new one. Get rid of it altogether you say? Well, let’s not go too far. I did a square out and saved it for their baby books. You know. If I actually HAD baby books for them. Until then, the pieces of fabric will likely just float around the upstairs….


Happy week friends!

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Friday, August 8, 2014