Friday, October 31, 2014

31. Halloween costume reveal.

Just a quick pop in to reveal costumes this year! 

My little fireman & Dalmation! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What’s Cooking Wednesday: Bacon and egg pasta.


You guys! I actually having a WCW post for you! Can you believe it? I’ve made this pasta about 15 times since M was born and each time I tell myself, “I really need to write this up for WCW.” So, last night, with a screaming baby on my hip and a toddler running circles around my legs, I whipped up this bacon and egg pasta (as you will probably find out from the pictures, I’m still trying to balance how to do it all with the boys around).

I’m a pasta girl. It’s in my blood. But B is not into the red sauce that literally fed me growing up. Most of the time I tell him, “you married an Italian. SUCK IT UP!” Other times like this, I throw him a bone.

I like this pasta b/c the egg gives you a creamy feeling with minimal effort. So! Onward to the cooking.

First, prop up your best sous chef on the counter while you gather ingredients.


I’m such a nerd that I forgot eggs in this ingredient round up. Eggs. Like as in “bacon and eggs.” I’m tired. Please forgive.


Basically you want to get your pasta water going and start your bacon. Also, whip up those eggs, a little water, half a lemon, salt and pepper and set aside! You can use any pasta you like. I’m partial to the spiral pasta b/c I feel like it really holds the egg sauce. I used half a bag of pasta here.


When the bacon is done, resist the urge to shove it all in your mouth and finely chop it.


Once your pasta is done and water is drained, put the pot back on the stove with the heat very low. Stir in the egg mixture making sure to constantly stir the pasta.


In a few minutes, a nice thick sauce will coat the pasta. You want to make sure you cook it for a few minutes so the sauce develops. You don’t want raw egg!


Taste here and add in any more salt and pepper. And remember that the bacon will add some saltiness too! Go on and pour in that bacon and green onions!


Give it a good stir and you are done!


This meal is cheap, easy, usually I have the ingredients on hand and it is so good!

Happy eating friends!

Bacon and Egg Pasta

1/2 package of pasta

3 eggs

5 stripes bacon

1/2 a lemon

3-4 chopped green onions

salt and pepper to taste

Boil water for pasta and warm pan for bacon. Once your bacon is frying, chop green onions and whip up eggs with a little water and salt and pepper and the lemon.

Once pasta is done and drained, add it back into the hot pot and the flame on low. Stir in the egg mixture, making sure that it coats all the pasta well. Continue to stir the mixture frequently for 4-5 minutes until the eggs are cooked.

Add in the green onions and bacon and mix well. Enjoy!




Monday, October 27, 2014

Round one.

Are you sick up pumpkin patch posts yet? Well. This is kind of one. But kind of not. This past week we went to Crowe’s Nest Farm in Manor. It is an educational farm/sanctuary that just happened to have some pumpkins. It was a fun trip. Not too far away. Very organized tour but they let us have a lot of time at the end to run and roam. Tours are by appointment only so we were lucky to go with our MOPS group. 

A had a blast. The segments (milking demo, hayride, short movie, snake house, insect barn) were just long enough to capture his attention but not get him antsy.

When we were let loose, the boy RAN! All I saw of him was the back of his head. He couldn’t wait to go onto the next thing.

Who knew there were so many kinds of chickens?


We like our chickens fancy.


Not sure about the pigs.


Show a kid a tiny horse and all he is going to want to do is ride it!


He stands still!


“Mama, can I ride the pig?”


I can’t even tell you what was over there that was more important than looking at the camera.


Definitely a great day!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

24. Beauty product I can’t live without aka my miracle cream.

Yes yes. I know I’m behind!

So I’ve mentioned before my struggle with acne and the scars on my face (read more about here). I’m super self conscious about going out in public without makeup on. I just feel like everyone is staring at my face. I used to wear really heavy Mac makeup and I still do on special occasions, but this miracle stuff has really changed everything!


Philosophy Hope in a Jar tinted A to Z cream is amazing! It’s so much more than a BB or a CC cream. In fact, I went into Ulta looking for a BB cream. I had no idea what I was talking about. I just knew BB = good so I must try it. I asked one of their skin consultants and she went over the differences b/n the two creams, but suggested this one for me. I figured an extra 25 letters couldn’t hurt right? A to Z has to be better than just BB or CC.

She sure was right. It’s lightweight so I don’t feel like I’m wearing makeup. But when I put it on and add just a little bronzer and blush it’s like I’m wearing full coverage makeup. Plus, it has a broad spectrum sunscreen and other goodies that improves my skin while I wear it.

It’s not cheap at $40 for a tube, but so worth the price!

What’s your go to product?



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

22. Biggest pet peeves.

Ok, let’s just skip right over the fact that I fell off the blogging challenge. Or that I could go on and on about my pet peeves. I guess I’m just a cranky girl! Here goes.

1. People who talk over you. You know the type. You barely even finish a sentence and they cut you off trying to talk. Or they ask you a question and and before you even finish they are talking over you either answering their own question, arguing with you about their answer, or just moved on to the next topic.

2. People. that. Can’t Drive. Ugh. I feel like no one in Austin knows how to drive. Just stay outs of my way and no one will get hurt. And drive the dang speed limit. I’m not asking for you to speed. Just don’t do 40 in a 60.

3. People who assume that because I’m a young parent I don’t know anything. Hi. I’m an educated woman. Heck, I was a researcher for crying out loud. You best believe that I went into this whole parenting thing knowing a thing or two. Yes, I know that experience counts for something. But don’t just expect that I’m dumb and clueless b/c my kids are young.

4. Friends who check/play/text on their phones when they are with you. I have friends who I will go out with to dinner and all they want to do is mess around with their phones. If I’m boring, that’s cool. I get it. But I’m out with you right now and I’m probably wearing real pants. So while I’m wearing real pants, you will pay attention to me. Otherwise I will go home and put on my pj’s.

5. Craigslist people that waste my time. I swear I get all the crazy people. In my ads, I will always put the price, approximate location of my house, and that I WILL NOT MEET. Responses I get: how much, where are you, and can you meet? Sorry, your $5 is not enough to make me get in my car, load my kids up and meet you somewhere with the possibility that you won’t show up. I hate no shows! Or I get people all the time that will call me or message me when they are on their way and ask directions. Why wouldn’t you look at a map before you leave your house? Seriously! And I’ve had at least 3 people come to my house to buy large objects (dresser, futon, desk) with a tiny vehicle. Think people. Think!

6. I get annoyed when people of an older generation say, “Back in my day we did _______ and we turned out fine.” Yeah well, a lot of people didn’t. That’s why there are rules now.

7. Related to #6 I don’t get it when the generation older than mine chastises the way my generation lives. You know. “Kids these days are going to hell.” But by that logic, didn’t you raise this generation? So you are saying that your kids are losers? Doesn’t that make you a bad parent?

8. Grocery store baggers. I take the time to set up everything for you on the belt. Cold is with cold. Boxes with the boxes. All the canned goods are together. Then I get home and all my stuff is all over. And in 100 bags.

9. Fishers on Facebook. You know the type. “Ugh, I just feel like dying” or “my heart is broken.” You can’t just put that up there. You know all you want is 100 people commenting, “You ok girl?” “Call me if you need to talk” “did you guys break up?” Stop being a baby. Only 15 year olds do that.

10. People that ask me if my baby is sleeping through the night. Then proceed to tell me that their baby STTN since birth after I tell them at 6 months M is still not. You telling me that your baby sleeps is like me telling you I can eat a whole box of donuts and not gain a pound. It doesn’t help. So just stop.

Wow. I guess I’m a little bitter tonight? Ok, I’m going to stop now before I rile myself up before bed.

What gets you going?


Monday, October 20, 2014


Isn’t it funny how when life gets crazy the first thing to slip for most bloggers is, well, blogging? I blinked and a week went by. So much for the October blogging challenge! We’ve had visitors, sickness, surgery (nothing crazy) all in the past 9 days. To say that I’m tired is putting it mildly.

M also celebrated his 6 month birthday. Talk about time slipping. My baby is 6 months! I feel like I blinked and his whole squishy, cuddly baby phase is over. He’s crawling. And pulling up. It won’t be long till he’s cruising and walking. I feel like I want to hoard all his moments and not leave the house.

But leave the house we must. Or else we would go crazy! Time doesn’t stop just bc I want to keep my little baby a baby. And that brings me around the topic of this post: time doesn’t stop for me either. I looked in the mirror the other day folks and it wasn’t pretty. Rough is the word I would use. I have to remember to eat breakfast in the morning. I have to write myself a note to drink enough water. Basically, Steph self care has taken an enormous nose dive. And its not just the beauty department. Vitamins, exercise, eating healthy have all taken a backseat to my two tiny terrorists. I buy all this yummy delcious food every week with the intention of making myself healthy meals only to hit up the drive thru. And I hate the drive thru. But I’m too tired to prep at night and it’s hit or miss if I have time to make it on the go during the day.

We’ve started sleep training M hardcore this past weekend. And in the wee hours of the morning I had an epiphany: if I expect M to change his behaviors for the better and hold him to certain hours of sleep (we aim to go from 5+ wakeups a night to 1-2) then shouldn’t I be held accountable in my own life? I have to start making my own well-being a priority in my life, not just my family. Since Healthy eating, exercise, green living. These are all things I was passionate about in my previous life, but don’t seem to have time for anymore. Blogging has been something that I’ve enjoyed since staying home. I hope to use the blog as a platform to hold myself more accountable. I hope you all don’t mind!

Ok, enough heavy stuff for a Monday morning. Here’s a little peak at what we’ve been up to this week (spoiler alert… pretty lame!)

I sit up now. NBD.


We went to Good Luck Grill in Manor on Friday night. Such a fun place. Great for kids getting to run around and parents getting to sit back and watch!


I posted this on IG (let’s be friends! I’m StephKat4). On the left, Old Navy at $20. The right? J. Crew at $120!!! Um, yeah….


Cranky baby. Meet ring sling.


Kitchen sink chicken soup.


So you know how avocado go brown if left too long? Well, they also turn your wall brown even after you scrub and scrub it off.


There was just enough of the aoli left to top these fab shrimp tacos!


Happy week friends!


Friday, October 10, 2014

10. I never thought blogging would…

10. I never thought blogging would lead me to invite someone I met on the internet to stay at my house.


So remember that one time I invited a blogging friend (ie someone I met on the internet and never in person) to stay at my house during the course of a blogging conference (read about the conference here)?

Yeah, that happened. And I would have never done that if I hadn’t been a blogger! Some funny things happens when you blog. Among many, you start to take way more pictures, you have a running tab of post ideas in your head, and you develop friendships with people you have never met. Between blogging and Instagram, I have some great friends that I have never met in real life.

I invited Amanda from Keeping up with the Haneys to stay with me last year during Texas Style Council. It was our first time to meet IRL and we had a great time! In addition to the conference I tourguided her around Austin.









Before my blog I don’t think I would have been friends with someone I met on the internet let alone invited them to stay at my house!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done as a blogger?