Monday, June 23, 2014

The Weekend Edition 6.22.14

Picked out my new glasses from Warby Parker (they arrived right on my doorstep. So easy!). Now all I have to do is figure out how to get my order right!


Hometown hero.


Late night dance parties. Or in our case, late night lay in the bed while the baby plays himself to sleep.


But look at all this squishy goodness? #worthit


This was at 10:30am. AM people!! He’s always had trouble staying awake in the car but this is ridiculous!


Is the look on M’s face not priceless?


The birthday boy’s lunch choice. Lucy’s Fried Chicken. So good!


Both boys napping meant mom and dad could watch the White Sox uninterrupted! So upset they aren’t going to be on WGN next year.


Post nap snuggles. Apparently I only take pictures of myself when I’m laying down with my kids.


You know you are in Austin when they have Arrowroot powder in the bulk bins at your normal grocery store.


Went out on a limb and tried this new summer red. Spoiler alert. I don’t love it like my old stand by. But that doesn’t mean I won’t drink it. All of it.


Happy week friends!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

tbt anniversary style.

So in honor of our anniversary this week, I thought I would share some tbt pictures!

wedding 1 wedding 2 wedding 3 wedding 4

And my favorite of all?


I think it is the best representation of “us”.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

{Texas Tuesday} Noble Pig.

As I mentioned, over the weekend we went to Noble Pig for a Father’s Day breakfast. Because B and I are essentially 80 year olds living in 30 something year olds bodies, we always celebrate “holidays” on off days: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines Day, etc. We always go the day or even the week before.

Enter Noble Pig.


Known for its sandwiches, we never considered it for a breakfast option. We didn’t realize that they even did breakfast.

Oh were we wrong.

It was delish.

The new location is right off RM620 in Austin. The new space is open and has lots of tables inside and out.


We started off with Maine Root pops: Brent got the Pink Drink and I went with the Mexican cola. Maine Root = Austin. It’s just a thing.


Then our sandwiches came. Our glorious sandwiches.

Brent got the milk biscuit with country sausage and black pepper gravy. I’m told it was heavenly.


I got the fried egg, potato, and cheddar on – get this – gluten free bread! Hurray for me being able to eat carbs!


All breakfast sandwiches come with yummy seasoned homefries.

They do have a kids menu but it was more lunch centric so we brought along food and snacks for AJ. But if, no make that, when we go back for lunch he will have some great options to choose from!

I can’t wait to go back to try the creole catfish with tomato tarter sauce!!

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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Weekend Edition 6.16.14.

A took an insanely long nap for me Friday afternoon. Baby butts in the air? Gets me every time!


Lots of babywearing going on around here. My M is a clinger!


A decided it would be awesome to “paint” this picture with my expensive petroleum-free all natural Vaseline. With my not cheap Mac makeup brush. Sigh.


The return of weekend wine. Oh how I’ve missed you.


Up and out of the house before 8am to go church it. How did I do it? Lots of planning the night before!


Father’s Day brunch at Noble Pig.


Little photo shoot!!




Happy week friends!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Back with a birth story.

Oh heeeeeyyyyyy internet. It’s been awhile, no? M is sleeping. A is watching Cars 2. The laundry and dishes are done. The house is presentable. And my phone needs charging so there is nothing left to do but blog I guess.

It has been 8 weeks since M’s arrival. And more than that since I blogged. I have missed blogging. But sleep trumps extra curricular activities these days. But I wanted to check in and say hi. And to write up M’s birth story before it completely left my sleep deprived brain.

If you were following along, I last left you at 39.5 weeks pregnant. I was miserable. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t lift A. I had so much pain when I was walking, I looked like a hunch back. Basically I was “angry pregnant woman.” The one that would snap at you if you asked “how I was doing” or said to “just hang in there.” Folks, I was r.e.a.d.y.

My due date came and went. With A, I went crazy with trying to naturally induce myself. This time, I didn’t do much. I knew from experience that unless the baby was ready, nothing I was going to do was gonna get the baby here any earlier. Physically, there wasn’t much I could do either with my hip and leg pain.

On that Wednesday, I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning. Since I was 41+ weeks pregnant at that point I had to do an ultrasound and stress test to make sure the baby was ok. He wasn’t moving as much as they would have liked. Although I didn’t want to be induced, I think if they would have offered I might have taken it out of desperation. I was just so desperate to be done. But the prognosis? I just had to wait it out. I was still only 4cm dilated so no change from the week before. I was very discouraged. I was told to just hang in there. Ugh.

That evening I was feeling some pretty consistent contractions. B and I went for a walk. Things were cruising along. I was sure that it would happen that night. I took a shower. I went to bed b/c I wanted to get some rest. I totally expected that I would be woken up later that night by stronger contractions or my water breaking.

But nothing happened. The contractions petered out and I spent the night tossing and turning. That Thursday, I had some contractions on and off in the morning but nothing measurable. I decided to go see my acupuncturist again. On my way there I had maybe one or two good contractions but nothing I could track. I told her to hit me with everything she had. This was probably about 10am. I got back about lunchtime and had a big lunch b/c I was starving. My contractions were picking up but I didn’t say anything to my MIL or B yet, I just bounced on my exercise ball. About 1pm I finally told my MIL that I was having contraction every 7 minutes. They were uncomfortable but not super painful yet. About 2 I called B. It was “the” call. I told him I wasn’t sure if we would have to go to the hospital, but I would like him to come home early, about 4/4:30 would be good. About 20 minutes later, my contractions were 5-6 minutes apart and I told him that he should make his way home. Now. Things were moving fast.

By the time B got home the contractions were 5 minutes apart and getting more and more uncomfortable. I called my doctor and they wanted me to come in to the office to be checked. We had to rush out of the house to get to the office before it closed. I cried in the car on the way b/c I wasn’t able to really say goodbye to A or to savor that last moment of being with my first b/c of the rush to get everything together just in case we went to the hospital.

We got to the doctor and it was strange b/c we were the last appointment. Mostly everyone was gone and it was just us, walking around the waiting room laboring. When the midwife checked me I was 8cm. She pushed us out the door and pointed us to the hospital. But for some reason I didn’t want to check in just yet. Yes, I was 8cm dilated but I wasn’t doubling over in pain so I wanted to walk around the lobby some more to make sure.

We checked into to L&D at 5:30. It took them an hour to put in my IV port. AN HOUR! Apparently I have tiny veins and no less that 4 nurses tried 7 times to stick me. You should have seen my arms. I looked like a junkie all black and blue. We were so excited that the doctor on call was my friend’s stepmom and the doc who delivered A! And the midwife on duty was my favorite so things were definitely looking good. The doctor asked when I got there if I wanted her to break my water, but at this point everything was just happening so fast I told her no. I was afraid. Afraid of the baby coming. Afraid of pushing (with A another doctor told me that I “wasn’t pushing hard enough” and it messed with my head). Ironic for someone who has been complaining up to this point that she wanted this baby out right?

I was in a lot of pain at this point. M was posterior so my back labor was pretty intense. I sat on a stool the whole time while B rubbed my back. Things were happening so fast and for someone who labored 26 hours the first time, I was scared. Soon I was a 9 then 10 and I was told I could start pushing. I swear I only pushed maybe 8 times. Like before, after pushing for HOURS with A, 8 pushes just seemed like a blink.

I’m not going to lie people. It was intense. And painful. Holy Lord it hurt. At one point, the doctor was telling me just to push with contractions but I couldn’t tell b/c everything hurt (this was a result of M being posterior). Although I wasn’t that typical swearing, hysterical woman portrayed on TV, I was much more vocal this time around when pusshing. The doctor asked me if I wanted a mirror to which I responded: “Just get it out!” I told B multiple times while pushing, “I’M NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN.” Just like that. In all Caps.

I remember him coming out and just feeling so much relief. And then they weighted him. 9 pounds 15 ounces. If you are wondering, let me do the math for you. Almost 10 pounds. An ounce away. B was 5 pounds when he was born. I had two of him. No drugs. Just with what the good Lord gave me. At my 40 week appointment the doctor estimated that M would be 7-8 pounds. I thought to myself, that’s smaller than A. I can do this. No drugs necessary. If they would have said, “hey Steph, you are going to have a 10 pounder” I would have replied, “GIVE ME ALL THE DRUGS YOU HAVE”! Surprisingly, my recovery this time around has been so much better than with A. I hurt for weeks with A. I could barely move for weeks but with M, I was up and at ‘em pretty quickly. 

So that’s my story. Your reward for making it through? Some pics of M (he is already the second child b/c we have almost no hospital pictures of him).





IMG_5329 IMG_5334






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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baby update: He's finally here!

Baby boy Kat finally decided to grace us a week after his due date. Little bugger. Quick & dirty details? 

M Kat
9lb 15oz
Yes I squeezed that bowling ball out with what the good lord have me (although if I would have KNOWN he was basically 10lbs I would have taken the drugs. All of them.
Light years quicker than my labor w A.
Cements my decision for 2 kids. I may have mentioned several times in the delivery room I was NEVER doing that again. 

Now on to a few quick snaps.