Thursday, September 18, 2014

And the hits keep coming.

So almost three weeks ago was one of the scariest afternoons of my life. It was A’s first time in the ER and my first brush with trauma as a mom. I’m no stranger to the ER. As a child I was very accident prone. In fact, my costume, “An Accident Waiting to Happen” won the Halloween costume contest in 6th grade. But experiencing it as a mom was so much worse than I can possible imagine.

It was a Friday afternoon. AJ had just woken up from his nap and I brought him downstairs to change his diaper. I noticed that it had started to rain and I was super excited bc it hadn’t rained for so long. So I left his pants off and pulled off his shirt, gathered up Marty and opened the back door to let us all outside. I was going to be the cool mom and let her kid dance in the rain. I got us all through the door and shut it. Then I heard the yelp and cry. I looked back and somehow AJ had gotten behind me and his hand was stuck in the hinge side of the door. And it was ALL THE WAY CLOSED.

I immediately opened it, put Marty down inside and grabbed A. There was blood everywhere already so I brought him to the sink, grabbed a paper towel, wrapped it around his pinky finger (the source of the bleeding) and wrapped it tight. One of the things that you learn from a paramedic father and being accident prone yourself if that anytime there is a laceration you hold the wound together and put pressure on it.

I wasn’t sure if this warranted a trip to the doctor or what, but as soon as I saw his finger I knew that we had to immediately leave. No waiting for an appointment. We were going straight to the ER.

However, I had two problems

1.) a squish baby named M

2.) it was Friday afternoon and there was going to be tons of traffic

I solved the first problem by calling a neighbor real quick to see if she could stay w/ Marty. I had just pumped a bottle so I knew he would be ok. A was such a trooper he had stopped crying by this point but was in more in shock. He was still and compliant. Something my boy never is. I was about to get him in the car when I realized, I didn’t want him to ride in the backseat by himself. I didn’t want him alone and I didn’t want him to pull of the wrapping on his finger.

So I went back inside, loaded up M and my neighbor (with her holding A on her lap holding pressure on the finger) and we were off to the ER. Problem number 2 was solved by us going to a free standing emergency room that had just opened up by our house 5 minutes away. We walked right in, were the only people there and got right in. They took x-rays of A’s hand and determined that the top of his finger, the bone between the tip and the knuckle was broken clean off. He was going to lose his nail, and he almost lost the top of his finger. You guys, every time I think about that I want to throw up in my mouth a little. He was going to need stitches to put it back together. The doctor said that the quick pressure and wrapping that I did saved it.

They wrapped him up in a sheet with just his arm sticking out to give him the shot of lidocade and do the stitches. He kept looking up at me crying “mama”. Ugh. I was crying too.

The saving grace was that M went to sleeping in the stroller and my neighbor took him to the waiting room to nap. We were in and out in under an hour. The best part, when we were leaving we passed the doctor who did the stitches and A whispers, “thank you doctor”. Heart strings. Pulled.

The last three weeks have been visits to the orthopedic surgeon, splints, changing dressings. Thank goodness everything is ok. The bone will either dissolve and regenerate, or it will heal back together. The miracle of being so young! He might need some physical therapy to get his hand moving again, but so far so good.

IMG_7565 IMG_7608 IMG_7621 IMG_7642

It was still the scariest day as a parent I’ve experienced so far. Coming home and seeing trails of blood across the floor, pooled in the kitchen, having to throw away my clothes b/c I couldn’t get his blood out. The fact that I’m the one who shut the door. Nothiing can prepare you for guilt like that. I know that with two boys we are in for a crazy ride. I just didn’t realize it would start so soon.

And why did I title this post, “The Hits Keep Coming”? Well, bc yesterday I had to call poison control. Twice. They boys were playing so nice together in M’s room I thought, “hey, I can take 5 minutes to go to the bathroom and run downstairs to grab a couple things without having to tote a 15 pound baby. I come back, I kid you not 5 minutes later, and A is shoving those baby teething tabs in his mouth and M’s. More than half the bottle is gone and I have no clue how much either ate.

So yeah. Universe, please give me a break. Everyone else, pray for my sanity.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Apparently I give good parenting advice?

A friend and I were talking the other day and I was relating to her how I had heard a biblical parenting expert speak. For the most part, I found what he had to say was very interesting, but one thing stuck out at me. He instructed the women of this group to “be your husband’s and children’s sunshine.” That if you are always doom and gloom when your husband came home from work about the day that you had, he would dread coming home. And that your children needed a shining example of how to act. I get that. I hate that B has to work a stressful job and then come home to a sometimes stressful home life. And of course I want to be a good role model to my kids. But you know what? Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. And I don’t think I should pretend that I didn’t have a bad day.

So I was telling a friend about this talk and “sunshine” and she said, “Steph, you told me something once that has really stuck with me. You said that you don’t always have to put on a happy face for your kids. They need to learn that it is ok for them to be upset or sad.”

Wait. I said that? I DID say that! Wow, I’m pretty poignant huh?

But it’s true. I’m not going to censor how I feel around my kids. Sure I’m not going to flip out if I feel like I’m going crazy. I will reign it in when I’m raging that another car cut me off. Or that it has taken A FOREVER just to get in the car and and get up in his seat so I can buckle him. But I’m not going to be a robot around them either. Because I think that it’s ok for A to be upset. He’s 2. Sometimes acts anger and frustration are the only ways he knows how to communicative. And at the same time, I think that I deserve to display my frustrations too. Because if I keep everything in, if I don’t have an outlet to express how my day went to my husband, then I will probably end up drinking at noon when no one is around. And who wants that? (Ok, maybe I do. But just on those days.)

And you know what? I think it might be working. I’m not saying that A never throws a tantrum, b/c we all know that NO 2 year old doesn’t (see ed. note), but there are times where he will tell me, “I’m mad mama.” To which I respond, “you can be mad son.” Now, I”m not sure if I can take credit for that or if it is something he picked up from Daniel Tiger. But I’m going to go with my genius example.

Am I going to write a book about it? Take up the pulpit and preach about letting your kids be mad? Nah. I’m just here to say: it’s ok for your kids to get upset. Let them be upset. And it’s ok to show your emotions in front of your kids. And even if people on Facebook want you to believe otherwise: everyone has bad days.

So in summary:

It’s ok to let your kids see you upset.

It’s not ok to let your kids see you knock off a 7-11 if you had a bad day.

The end.

(editor’s note: I wrote this last night. A had an epic tantrum this morning. EPIC. No amount of calming words would do. We just had to ride it out. That’s what’s parenting’s all about. Lifting up the goods times and rolling with the bad!)

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Weekend Edition 9.14.14.

Biggest news of the weekend: POLAR VORTEX!!! When we left for dinner on Friday night it was 87 degrees. Which is low for September. 90s is more like it. By the time we made it home it had dropped to 73! There was a big storm that rolled in and stuck around all weekend. We so needed the rain!
The next day it was in the 60s (!) when A and I went to run errands. I got to break out my skinnies (yay they fit!) and a new sweater.
Since it was “fall” I broke out my pumpkin spice candle. It is now back up on the shelf b/c it’s going to be 90 again tomorrow. Le sigh.
We gave M a little cereal this weekend. Can we just talk about how my bebe is 5 months already?? Ugh. Anyway, he was not impressed.
My friends and I had a freezer meal planning play date at my house. The host picks the meals and shops for most of the ingrediants. Friends chip in $ towards supplies and bring their own meat. I’ve got 10 servings of 5 different meals! Hurrrah!
I did a little blog revamp. This is my new button. Well, this is what my button will look like when I code it.
Impulse buy. Not very good. Whomp whomp.
Someone figured out how to take selfies!
Aren’t my boys the cutest? (Story on why A’s hand is bandaged is coming up this week)
So that meal planning playdate was Thursday. On Friday one of the moms mentioned on FB that her baby was sick. Apparently there is a bug going around. Guess who caught it? I have spent most of my weekend on the couch.
Today I mustered up enough energy to sanitize the toys the sick baby was playing with just in case!
Happy week friends!

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Weekend Recap

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hello Friday.

1.) The biggest news for the weekend: COLD FRONT!!! You guys. It’s going to be in the 70s! THE 70’S. It hasn’t dipped that low, in well, I can’t remember. B and I are taking the kids to the park. That’s right. We will be outside as much as possible soaking it in. I might even wear jeans for the first time since April.

mother's day

2.) I’ve been pinning like crazy lately. I go in waves. I’ll go days without taking a peek and then BAM. Pin city. Here are some of my favs I’ve been crushing on.

fall wear yum e24c68ffd31330195832203455925dad

3.) My baby just finished his second week of preschool. My house is quiet without the tiny Texas tornado. I know it’s good for him. I know that. But still. I miss the little guy.


4.) I’ve been letting the DVR build up shows lately (hello 15 episodes of assorted Real Housewives!) in favor of old episodes of Private Practice on Netflix. I hate it when you are watching a backdated show and you’re like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??” and you look around and no one else cares. Because you are a few years too late. Whomp whomp. Devastated that Dell died (spoiler alert)? Yeah, no one cares.

5.) The first world problem B and I always have every weekend: where do we go out to eat. My first choice in Greenhouse Craft, a farm to table restaurant in Round Rock.

Happy weekend friends!





Wednesday, September 10, 2014

M’s 4 month pictures.

So for A I did pictures every three months. Being an experienced parent I learned… that shizzz gets expensive! So this time around, M is getting pictures at birth, 4 months, 8 months and 12 months. Sorry kid. That’s the breaks.

I had an outdoor shoot set up with my sweet friend Twyla of Twyla Hall Photography but I ended up getting mastitis (again) and I decided to rest up the weekend and had to cancel. Most photographers are familiar with the “magic hour”. That special time when the sun is setting and you get that gorgeous, gooey light that makes your pictures look amazing.

However, magic hour at night = the Kat boys bedtime. I knew, just knew that if I pushed them it would be a disaster. Plus, I’m not sure you are aware, but Austin at 7:30 at night is still an INFERNO right now so I just gave in the towel and asked Twyla if she could do a shoot at our house. It was quick and dirty b/c even inside babies were melting down. Didn’t matter that it was the morning. If mommy pays for pictures, babies will melt down. That’s pretty much the standard in the Kat house.

Alright. Enough with the semantics. On to the pictures!

Kat0001 Kat0003 Kat0003a Kat0005 Kat0009 Kat0012 Kat0013 Kat0014 Kat0015 Kat0016 Kat0018 Kat0019 Kat0021 Kat0022 Kat0023 Kat0029 KatBonus1 KatBonus2

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Weekends edition.

Old Texas proverb: even if its raining, it might not be raining.
I got dressed! For some reason I just never reach for tank tops but my mother-in-law got me this cute stripped one and I’ve been wearing it like every other day!
I’ve been diffusing almost every day lately! I love Young Living Essential Oils! My house smells like a spa!
Yeah, I know it’s cliche… but….
Mama likely.
8 years a Texan!!
Hello my name is Steph and I don’t mind doing laundry but I hate folding it.
Anyone else’s junk drawers overgrown?
Happy week friends!

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